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CTO & Co-founder of DAGsHub! Can cast level 7 mass analysis paralysis, twice per day.

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PyTorch package for the discrete VAE used for DALL·E.

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RPPP – Reddit Post Popularity Predictor A project with two goals: 1. Given a Reddit post, predict how popular it's going to be (what it's score will be) 2. Showcasing a remote working file system with DVC

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A fork for fairseq, migrated to DVC and used for NLP research.

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A repo for the tutorial explaining the benefits of DVC and DAGsHub, using digit classification based on the MNIST database as an example problem

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Just a tiny repo meant to illustrate that even if your data comes from a dynamic source (is queried), you can still maintain reproducibility by storing a reference to the resulting data as part of your DVC pipeline.

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