DagsHub x Hacktoberfest
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DagsHub x Hacktoberfest

Open Source Data Science Oct 05, 2021

Hacktoberfest is just on time, and the DagsHub community is ready to shine!

In its 8th year, Hacktoberfest is a month-long virtual festival of open source! Participants are giving back to the community by completing pull requests, participating in events, and donating to open-source projects. We're happy to announce our participation in Hacktoberfest 2021, and we are looking for contributors who want to join us.

Quick Start to Contribution

How to participate?

You can sign up for Hacktoberfest between October 1st and October 31st using your GitHub or GitLab account. To make valid contributions, you need to submit pull requests for repositories that have a `hacktoberfest` label. Once the project's maintainer accepts the pull request, it will count into your participation in Hacktoberfest.

What does the DagsHub community contribute?

This year we'd like to focus our contribution on the audio domain. For that, we added audio data catalog capabilities to DagsHub! You can now upload audio files to DagsHub and see its spectrogram, wave, and even listen to it! You can see a vivid example of this (extremely cool) feature in our Librispeech-ASR-corpus project.

Audio Catalog (DagsHub)

To help audio practitioners leverage this new feature, we want to enrich open-source audio datasets on DagsHub. This is where you can contribute to the data science community!

How to contribute?

  • Claim the dataset you wish to contribute from the list (KUDOS to jim-schwoebel) by opening a new issue on the GitHub repository and name it after the dataset. Please make sure that the dataset wasn't claimed.
  • Open a new DagsHub repository and upload the data to its DVC storage (e.g., dataset repository).
  • Write information about the dataset in the README file (e.g., Librispeech ASR corpus README).
  • Add relevant tags to the repository and files.
  • Add the dataset, audio, hacktoberfest labels to the DagsHub repository.
  • Open a new branch on the GitHub audio-datasets project named after the dataset.
  • Add a directory named after the dataset with the README file.
  • Commit and push the changes to the GitHub audio-datasets project.
  • Create a pull request on GitHub.
  • Optional: Share the project on DagsHub Hacktoberfest 2021 Discord channel.

Hacktoberfest FAQ

Does DagsHub provide any special swag?

DagsHub will send swag to all participants who create at least 2 pull requests during Hacktoberfest. If you make more than 10 pull requests, we'll send special swag your way!

Sunny our Chief Dog Scientist getting some of our new swag!

How can I contact the DagsHub team for support?

The DagsHub team (& community) is available 24/7 in the DagsHub Discord channel. We ask that questions regarding the Hacktoberfest will be asked in the Hacktoberfest Discord channel.

Do I need to sign-up for Hacktoberfest to contribute to DagsHub audio datasets?

You don't need to be a registered Hacktoberfest user to contribute to this project. However, we highly recommend doing it to get a chance to win the challenge and get to know other cool open-source projects.

I signed up for Hacktoberfest in mid-October. Will pull requests that I created earlier in October count?

Yes, all pull requests created between October 1st and October 31st will count, regardless of when you register for Hacktoberfest. Pull requests created before October 1st but merged or marked as ready for review after do not count. Pull requests that are still in review after October 31st and meet the criteria will count towards your completion goal.


Nir Barazida

Data Scientist @ DAGsHub

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