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Create a DAGsHub Project

This page covers how to sign up for DAGsHub, create a new project and add it as a git remote. After reviewing this page, we also recommend setting up remote storage for data and models.

Joining DAGsHub... really easy. Just sign up.

Create a New (Empty) DAGsHub Repository

Create an Empty Project

Create a new repository by clicking on the plus sign and create repository in the nav bar.

Screenshot Repo creation button

This opens up a dialog, which should be somewhat familiar, in which you can set the repository name, description and a few other options.

Repo creation dialog

If you chose this option, locally create a directory named <dagshub-project-name> for the project somewhere on your computer.

Open a terminal and input the following:

cd path/to/folder/<dagshub-project-name>
git clone<user-name>/<dagshub-project-name>.git

Connect to an Existing Remote on GitHub / GitLab / bitBucket

Create a new project connection by clicking on the plus sign and New Connection in the nav bar.

Screenshot Repo connection button

In this menu, copy the link to your original project (e.g.<user-name>/<project-name>.git) into the Clone Address input. DAGsHub will auto-complete the project name and description if they exist.

Repo connection dialog

Optionally, fill in your DVC remote url, if you have already set it up. If not, continue to the next step to set it up.

Next Steps

Congratulations – you can now push code from your local machine to your DAGsHub project. Continue to set up your remote storage for data and models if you'd like to connect them to your project as well.