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Feature Updates

Apr '20 – Adding DVC Managed Files to the File Tree

You can now view and download your DVC managed files and folders not only in the pipeline view but also in the file tree. Remote files have a blueish tint to their file tree row.

DVC Files in the File Tree
An example of git and dvc managed files in the file tree

Mar '20 – Tutorial for Experiment Tracking

A new tutorial, walking you through a realistic data science project and showing how to use DAGsHub's experiment tracking and visualization features to organize and share your research.
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Nov '19 – Experiment Tracking

Track your experiment parameters and metrics using simple, readable and open formats. Gain insights into your research using smart visualizations. Find the experiment you need, easily.
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Part of the experiment view

July '19 - Visual Pipeline editing

Sometimes you don't feel like using the command line. Or you made a typo in one of the file names and want to fix it quickly. You can now edit your DVC data pipeline in DAGsHub's visual interface.
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Modifying a stage is easy with DAGsHub