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Common Identifiers

There are two key identifiers that are used across data sets.


We use ISBNs for a lot of data linking. In order to speed up ISBN-based operations, we map textual ISBNs to numeric 'ISBN IDs`.

The isbn_id table manages ISBN IDs and their mappings:

Column Purpose
isbn_id ISBN identifier
isbn Textual ISBNs

Each type of ISBN (ISBN-10, ISBN-13) is considered a distinct ISBN. We also consider other ISBN-like things, particularly ASINs, to be ISBNs.

Most derived tables that work with ISBNs use isbn_ids.

Book Codes

We also use book codes, common identifiers for integrated 'books' across data sets. These are derived from identifiers in the various data sets, with bc_of_* functions. Each book code source is assigned to a different 10M number band so we can, if needed, derive the source from a book code.

Source Function Numspace
OL Work bc_of_work 10M
OL Edition bc_of_edition 20M
LOC Record bc_of_loc_rec 30M
GR Work bc_of_gr_work 40M
GR Book bc_of_gr_book 50M
LOC Work bc_of_loc_work 60M
LOC Instance bc_of_loc_instance 70M
ISBN bc_of_isbn 90M

The LOC Work and Instance sources are not currently used; they are intended for future use when we are able to import BIBFRAME data from the Library of Congress.


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