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System requirements

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@@ -27,6 +27,8 @@ with their own publications.  **If you use any of the rating or interaction data
 appropriate original source paper.**  For each data set below, we have provided a link to the
 page that describes the data and its appropriate citation.
+See the [Setup page](using/ to get started and for system requirements.
 ## License
 These tools are under the MIT license:

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@@ -12,6 +12,20 @@ These tools require PostgreSQL and an Anaconda installation.
 1. TOC
+## System Requirements
+You will need:
+- A PostgreSQL server with at least 500GB of disk space available for the database and ample RAM.
+- An environment to save the raw files and run the import code.  This can be the same machine as the PostgreSQL server, but needs:
+  - Anaconda or Miniconda
+  - 100GB of disk space for input files
+  - A few GB of memory
+  - Linux or macOS (since graph-tool isn't built for Windows right now)
+The scripts don't have substantial memory requirements, but do need a good deal of disk space.
+The most memory-intensive operation is the connected components computation for book clustering.
 ## PostgreSQL Database
 The book data tools require PostgreSQL (at least version 10), with the following extensions installed: